Crooked Enron

We have really enjoyed making this podcast so far and try not to take ourselves too seriously. Patty and I wanted to do movie reviews originally. I then requested that we throw in White Collar Crime as well. Enron was the first crime we covered and is one of the worst economic crimes to have been committed in our nation. While various experts have stated that the executives cost billions of dollars in losses, it does not account for the overall costs to people’s livelihoods. We hoped that you liked part 1 and 2. We encourage you to do your own research and to watch the documentary the Smartest Guys in the Room.

Special Purpose Vehicle

What is an SPV?

A Look at Those Involved

AP Article about Enron

Jeff Skilling

Skilling Gets Released


NPR Article about Enron Employee Pensions

10 Years Later

Business Insider: Former Employees of Enron

Enron Scandal

Britannica – US History

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