Rita Crundwell

Hey all you dirty benches! Hoped you liked our latest episode on Rita Crundwell. She was a comptroller in Dixon who stole $53 million over a period of 20 years. We used several sources for research on Rita Crundwell. We highly recommend that our listeners watch the documentary, All the Queens Horses masterfully created by Kelly Richmond Pope. The documentary is currently available on Amazon and you can watch it for free if you have a prime account.

In December of 1990, Rita opened an account known as the (RSCDA) or Reserve Sewer Development Account which was in the care of Rita Crundwell. Based on the documentary, All the Queens Horses, there were 7 total legit accounts. Rita would move money from 6 accounts into the one Capital Development Funds Account and then transferred money into RSCDA. Rita would typically write a check payable to the treasurer. She used this money to bank roll her own personal and private business expenses, personal credit card payments, real estate, horses, and vehicles. As a result of Rita’s embezzlement scheme, she put the town of Dixon in debt for about $20 million.

Rita was released this year in 2021. Do you think that justice was served?

DOJ: Dixon Comptroller – Rita Crundwell

Rita Crundwell gets 20 Years for theft of $53.7 million

80 Horses Sell for $1.67M

Chicago Tribune – Auction of Rita Crundwell Property

Will Rita Get Released?

Kelly Richmond Pope writes for Forbes regarding Rita Crundwell

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