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A podcast dedicated to lighthearted humorous discussions regarding crimes of the powerful. We will also be discussing our review of recent movies or series that have been released and these episodes will drop every other weekend. For those of you who don’t know, white collar crime is typically orchestrated by those in occupational positions with the opportunity to commit these crimes. These crimes include insider trading, fraud, tax evasion, bribery, price-fixing, and of course corruption. We will discuss real cases, related articles, podcast, and documentaries/movies related to the crime.

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Patty Popcorn

Extra Butter


Shout out to all you dirty benches! Those who always knew they were one, and those just discovering how awesome it is to BE one. I am Patricia B Popcorn, or Patty Popcorn as I am known on the show. I was born in Nebraska, perhaps where I developed my love for popcorn? Then I moved to Arizona, where strangely, I never knew Ms. Jules Donuts. I moved to Washington State about thirty years ago. Sheesh. You can tell where the OLD comes from in our name. Sometimes I am skeptical about living in the land of rain, but if I didn’t come here, I would never have met my podcast soulmate Jules! I have three grown up children and one granddaughter, all of which keep me young, hip, and laughing every day. When I grow up, I want to be more like them.

I never thought about podcasting (SHOCKER) mostly because I never really listened to them that much, or even had any idea how to do it. Enter Jules, my inspiration and also someone I wish to be more like. We used to work in the same office where we would discuss movies and shows and current events, and since it was a cube farm, others were forced to hear us. We were often told ‘you guys need to do a podcast, you are hilarious’ and so I guess we took it to heart. I heard a tale that I was the one who came up with the title, but that is just a rumor.

We try to have light-hearted conversations about some stuff that is anything BUT. I hope that we make you laugh like we make ourselves laugh, and maybe even inspire you to look some of these crazy stories up. At any rate, welcome to the club-we are happy to have you here!


“It’s the Classic White-Collar-Crime because it’s the old adage. The best way to rob a bank is to work for it.”
April 2020

“It’s time the nation woke up and realized that it’s not the armed robbers or drug dealers who cause the most economic harm, it’s the white collar criminals.”
December 2019

Poop in the box…
August 2021


When social distancing is over, let’s not tell some people. *Wink, Wink*


Castle Rock, Masters in B.S., and PhD in KMS


Hello All You Dirty Benches!!! I’m J.D. Patty likes to say that stands for Juris Doctorates but really it just stands for Jules Donuts. It’s a pseudonym that I like to go by. I grew up in Arizona, traveled around the world for a little while, then married my fantastic husband, and settled in WA. I have four fabulous kids with their own unique personalities. I am educated and can speak coherent sentences…although occasionally you will hear me stumble over my words on the podcast. Dangit people! I’m trying. I’m a person with adequate intelligence and like to think that I’m funny but admit that this attribute is subjective.

As a wee child I always hoped that I would start my own podcast. My dream was to discuss White Collar Crime and review movies that I’ve been watching with someone as cool as Patty. I do consider myself to be a crime junkie and can spend the better part of the day curled up on the couch watching Dateline, ID Go, or anything that has to do with murder and sh!t. I’ve always been fascinated with serial killers and deviant behavior in general. Basically, why the hell do people turn out the way they do.

Why are we talking about White Collar Crime? I had originally started working on a degree in Business Administration (BA). A degree in BA really shows you that people do a lot of bad sh!t when no one is looking and they often get away with it. I finally realized BA was boring and decided to focus on criminal justice which means I switched majors, spent a whole bunch of extra money, and feel a lot happier about my choice. Then I had the lightbulb moment. I realized that our CJ system was not working well, especially for people of color. People who commit White Collar Crime (WCC) are not treated/nor prosecuted the same. Especially, people who have a lot of money and power. They often receive minimal punitive sentences and sometimes only get a slap on the wrist. I really wanted to shine a lot on this nonsense and Patty felt the same.

As such, I said the following (true story), “Patty, can we also discuss White Collar Crime with our movie reviews?” She obliged me…but you should note, our podcast does not follow any of the norms because we discuss both the latest movies as well as True Crime. We do advocate for second chances, removing barriers for people who have served their sentence, but also like to call attention to the effects of WCC on the victims.

P.S. I’m a total nerd but I try to keep it to a minimum. I consider myself a behavioral scientist (that’s a real thing). I try to keep the information we provide funny but informative. Patty does all the heavy lifting as far as the funny parts. I literally can’t do this podcast without her. Seriously…


Lessons from a dark place called home
April 1922 – A La Stephen King

What to do about racists?
January 2021

How to be Awesome
Present – Just be Yourself


I need to social distance myself from my refrigerator so I can flatten my curve. Dude, just don’t look for me.

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